FeWo Waxenstein im Urtlmühlhof - Strobl-Klein

Urtlmülweg 2a, 83661 Lenggries
(0049) 176 72644691

A cabin feeling and plenty of space for holidays, relaxation and everything you could wish for. The apartment has been lavishly renovated, the walls with natural wood from the Tegernseer Land, designer lamps, skins, a lot of carpentry, kitchen with dishwasher, oven, coffee machine, large fridge, bathroom with bathtub and shower, hallway with large built-in wardrobe. Everything has its own lighting concept, from daylight to romantic. A small terrace where you can drink your glass of wine in the morning and in the evening, cosy and with a view of the snow groomers who prepare the slopes at night in winter. A special feeling of comfort, when you crawl under the warm down duvets and in the morning, take a first look at the Garlant again...:-)


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