Großer Höhenweg am Brauneck mit Panoramablick
©Tourismus Lenggries, Foto: H. Walther

Munich - Venice

Walking from Munich to Venice - Ludwig Graßler rightly calls this path, which he describes in his book first published in 1977, a dream path. Every mountain enthusiast dreams of just starting out in Munich, crossing the entire Alps and finding out where the mountains stop again, namely on the Adriatic coast. It is an indescribable feeling after the hardships of 4 weeks hiking for the first time to bathe your feet in the warm sea water.


Stage 3: Bad-Tölz to Benediktenwand

Starting point: Bad Tölz

Route: From Bad Tölz along the Isar to Arzbach, there climb to the Tutzinger Hütte and possibly detour to Benediktenwand.

End point: Tutzinger Hütte

Distance, altitude difference and walking time: 18 km, 1000m ascent, 300m descent, 6 1/2 hours

Particularities and variants: Alternatively also hike to Lenggries, cable car to Brauneck and from there very nice ridge hike.

Transport connections: train in Bad Tölz and Lenggries, bus in Arzbach


Stage 4: Benediktenwand - Jachenau - Vorderriß 

Starting point: Tutzinger Hütte

Route: Descent into the Jachenau, possibly with a detour to the Benediktenwand and crossing the Risssattel (stepping safety required).

Endpoint: Vorderriß

Distance, altitude difference and walking time: 22km, 670m ascent, 1220m descent, 6 1/2 hours.

Particularities and variants: Few overnight stays in Vorderriß. Tour can also be finished in the Jachenau.

Transportation: Bus in the Jachenau and Vorderriß


Stage 5: Vorderriß - Karwendelhaus

Starting point: Vorderriß

Route: Easy but long mountain hike, first along the Riss valley (road), then scenic over the Johannestal, the small Ahornboden and the Hochalmsattel.

End point: Karwendelhaus

Distance, altitude difference and walking time: 24 km, 1000m ascent, 7 1/2 hours

Special features and variants: There is a hidden path from the Rißtal via the Krinner-Kofler hut and the Bärnalpl-Scharte.

Transportation: Bus in Vorderriß


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