The local history museum

The local history museum in Lenggries is located in Town Hall Square. It has seven exhibition areas displaying valuable cultural and historical objects from the Isarwinkel Region. Its permanent exhibition includes historical artifacts dating back to the first settlement of the area. It also includes a historical exhibition of local flora and fauna.

The Upper Isar area of Lenggries saw its first settlements in the Early Bronze Age. In the Middles Ages, two fortresses were built on high ground to control access to the Isar valley. You will see a display showing the relationship between the inhabitants of the fortresses and the surrounding villages. You will also learn of important historical events from the early modern period to the present, of Antlaßschützen, of piety and traditional costumes with objects from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

The Museum path leads the visitor through displays of customs, handicraft, land and alpine dairy farming, to the timber rafting trade. The municipality of Lenggries proudly carries its title of “village of timber rafting" to the present day. Also in the permanent exhibition you will see a display of hunting practices and poaching, its negative counterpart. The tour ends in the 20th and 21st centuries with the topics: traffic, tourism and ski sports.

Special exhibition areas display a wide variety of themes, providing the visitor with an interesting and informative journey through history.

Admission fees museum Lenggries:

Adults: 1,00 €
Children (6-16 years): 0,50 €
Family card: 2,50 €
Groups (up to 10 person): 0,50 € per person
With Lenggrieser guest card and guest card PLUS: free

Reconstructing the real Hohenburg

Reconstructing the Hohenburg fortress is a display and a virtual tour that offers the visitor an insight into the glories of this ancient fortress from before the 18th century purge.

The Local History Museum's opening hours:

* Monday - Friday 8:00 12:00 and 14:00 -17:00
* Also from 10:00 – 12:00 on Saturday and Sundays during high season and holidays.

Director: Manuela Strunz



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