Biking & Mountain Biking

Over 500 kilometers of well-marked trails in Lenggries and the Tölzer Land offer the cyclist and mountain biker an exciting adventure through this beautiful area. Whether cycling leisurely along the Isar or with determination up a mountain - the many degrees of difficulty and changes of terrain make cycling a truly unique experience.

Additional Information:

Bike portal Lenggries
Isar bike trail

You can get more information on cycling and mountain biking tours from the Lenggries Tourist Information Center.

Yes, we would like to hire a bicycle!

We offer bicycles for hire so you can discover the beauty of our area without bringing one along:

Sport Sepp
Isarring 11
83661 Lenggries
Tel.: 08042 2589

E-Bike Verleih Flow Valley:
Karl-Pfund-Weg 4
83661 Lenggries
Tel.: 08042/97320

SpeedWheels - BIKE STATION
Untermurbach 22, Jaudenhang
83661 Lenggries
Tel.: 0176 2082 6051
Fax: 08042 9784452

An der Bretonenbrücke 9
83661 Lenggires
Tel.: 08042 2902 oder 0176 22830409

Arabella Brauneck Hotel
Münchner Straße 25
83661 Lenggries
Tel.: 08042 5020

Hotel Jäger von Fall
Ludwig-Ganghofer-Str. 8
83661 Lenggries
Tel.: 08045 130