Living customs

The traditions and customs of the Isarwinkel are deeply rooted and influenced by religion. The wearing of Tracht, the traditional local costume is fairly common. On Sundays, people attend church im guad´n Gwand (in their Sunday finest), fully regaled in traditional costume as they do on Corpus Christi, Assumption Day, Saint Leonhard’s or parish fair day. Traditional costumes of this region dating back to the 18th century can be seen in the local history museum, Heimatmuseum Lenggries and in the historical meeting room of the City Hall.

Societies for the Preservation of Traditional Costume

There are two Trachtenvereine, societies for the preservation of traditional costume in Lenggries: the Trachtenerhaltungsverein Stamm and the Trachtenverein Hirschbachtaler.

These two societies are quite distinct in terms of the traditional dress they wear:
Male members of the original Stamm-Trachtlern wear Lederhosen, dark gray running to blue Joppe (jacket) and similarly colored socks. Women wear dark red Tracht dresses with a black Mieder (bodice) topped by a white apron. The Hirschbachtalern men and boys wear a dark Joppe green wool jacket and white socks. Green is the color of the Tracht worn by women.