Advice for your overnight stay


What you should know:

Rights and obligations of parties entering into a host-guest contractual agreement:

As with all business transactions, certain legal requirements must be adhered to when entering an agreement to book accommodation. A contractual relationship is established when a reservation request is accepted. As with all contracts, this legal agreement can only be dissolved with the agreement of both parties. Following are the rights and obligations of this binding agreement:

1. The contract is final as soon as a room is made available, even if acknowledgement by the host is not given due to time constraints.
2. All contracting parties must fulfill the contract, regardless of the duration of the contract.
3. The host is required to compensate the guest for any loss incurred by the guest for non-availability of the contracted room.
4. The guest has the obligation to compensate the host for services and accommodation not used although a contract had been established. Compensation is 80% of the full inclusive price for overnight accommodation in a holiday home including breakfast. Rooms with services require a 60% compensation of the contracted price.
5. The host is obliged to otherwise rent rooms in order to avoid possible losses caused by guests who do not utilize contracted services.

Spa Town Tax

The local spa town contribution is adjusted by the landlord in the overnight accommodation price.

Spa area I:
Individuals: 1,50 euro
Children 12 - 17 years: 75 cent
Children under 11 years: free

Spa area II (only in the areas of Fall and Vorderriß)
Individuals: 1,30 euro
Children 12 -17 years: 65 cent
Children under 11 years: free

General Reference

The hosts are responsible for maintaining an up-to-date and accurate accommodations availability list.

Guest Card

In accordance with Bavarian Registration Law, every host must register her/his guests within 24 hours of their arrival. On arrival and occupation of accommodation, the host will request the guest to fill in a registration form. The yellow copy contains a detachable card which is your free Guest Card. Please remove this card and carry it with you at all times. With this Guest Card you will receive discounts on admission fees to museums, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, traditional evenings, spa concerts, local tours (in High Season) and much more. It will also entitle you to discounts on mountain railways as well as on entry to tennis facilities. The Guest Card is not only valid in Lenggries, but in the entire district of Bad Toelz – Wolfsratshausen.

We strongly suggest you obtain:

Travel cancellation insurance

Additional information can be obtained from every travel agency, from banks and from your chosen airline carrier.

Alpen Plus

The Brauneck Region is part of the Alpen Plus Association. In this association there are four additional partners: the cable car operators of Wallbergbahn, Spitzingsee, Sudelfeld and Zahmer Kaiser. Please note that your ski pass is also valid in these areas, all of which are reachable within 40 minutes by car.