Viking Town “Flake”

In summer 2008, the film “Vicky the Viking” was filmed on the Walchensee by Michael “Bully” Herbig. The Kochel am See community was part of the set as well. The film features the village “Flake,” a remake of which opened on September 3rd in Walchensee with a Viking market.

In summer 2010 the village moved back to Sachenbach for a short time, where the filming of a sequel took place. The film set was then moved bach to Walchensee, where it is today.

Curious about Viking history? See the 11 information boards on the age of the Vikings around town.
Where is Flake? The town is located between the swimming pool at Café Bucherer (Seestraße 1) and the “Wasserwachtgelände,” directly on the lake.

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