Lenggries offers with its altitude of 700 meters, the best conditions for a relaxing, but also varied holiday.

Important: Fishing is only possible from 01. June to 30. September 

To obtain fishing authorization certificates, you must be a guest in Lenggries! Only with a Lenggrieser guest card you get your day ticket for fishing. Of course, you also need a valid fishing exam and a valid German fishing license (Application at the town hall in Lenggries).

Flowing Water ISAR:
Day tickets for Isar (only Monday -Thursday)
A 13 km long section between Isar Arzbach and "Capricorn", a monument about 3 km south of Hohenwiesen, is fully operational.
Permits for Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday!
Cost: € 35, -
Catch limit of 2 game fish / trout, char
One section for fly fishing
One section for Lures

Fishing in the lake:
Day tickets for the Sylvenstein-Speichersee/Fall
A 13 km south of Lenggries, some steep banks, inflows are excluded from fishing (cross panel note!) may you can fished from a boat.
Cost: € 16 - Day Ticket
Catch limit of 3 game fish / trimming: trout, zander, char, pike, perch.

Fishing in the Baggerweiher:
Day tickets for the Baggerweiher "Brauneck Lake"
Ca. 1 km north of Lenggries on the B 13
Size about 300 x 300 m.
Cost: € 15, -
Catch limit as above.
Trimming: trout, carp, pike, tench

The fishing cards you get in the tourist information about the opening times!

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