Children’s Hiking Passport – “Kinderwanderpass”

Hi kids! Do you like to hike and want to be rewarded for it? Then if you’re 3 or older, the “Kinderwanderpass” is perfect for you. This passport will lead you through Lenggries and the surrounding area, taking you to new, fascinating places. When you get to your destination, ask the hut owner to add a stamp to the collection in your hiking passport, or to write in the hut’s secret number! After collecting 2 stamps from destinations of your choosing, return to the Tourist Information Center to be rewarded a white mountain crystal. After collecting 4 stamps you can receive a blue water crystal, and after 5 a green forest crystal – the highest award (usual price of 2,00 € per hiking crystal).

The following tours belong to the “Kinderwanderpass” program: